23 October 2011


It's autumn in Mississippi.  The weather is cool and sunny, some of the trees are changing color, and everyone is eagerly planning their Halloween costumes.

I'm moving into a new house next weekend; today I started taking some things over.  It should be a good move.  Lots of benefits.  For one, the yard is fenced-in, so Biloxi will have a place to play outside (at least as long as the chickens are in their coup).  It's closer to work, and I won't have to cross a bridge, so biking every day is much more feasible.  It's also on the peninsula, so I'll be within a 5-10 minute walk of both the sound and the back bay (currently I'm just close to the back bay).  I'm looking forward to taking morning rides/runs along the sound; it's really pretty and about the only place in Mississippi where the sidewalk is wide enough for a bicycle.  Of course, my cost of living will drop since I'll have roommates again.  Roommates are also nice just in terms of being social.  I happily have many friends in my current apartment complex, but I usually eat alone and I'm the only one available to let Biloxi out when she needs to go.  It'll be nice to have people around most of the time again.

So I'll be cleaning/packing/moving this week.  My parents are coming to visit this week, too, so that will be a nice change of pace.  Not the most exciting post, but it's what I have.  :P