25 March 2011

Flowers and General Misery

I have good news: Daffodils are abloom all over campus.  And they're pretty.  Maybe even cheerful.

In the meantime, school grinds on.  I'm having a horrible time concentrating.  This week was positively grueling, albeit for otherwise good reasons.  I had three job interviews this week, plus I gave a presentation at the CAP Faulty and Student Symposium.  I had a test this week, and I'm in general preparing to submit my thesis for consideration for various awards.  Of course, that's contingent on me actually finishing my thesis, which is becoming a concern because I'm having a horrible time concentrating.  I am encouraged though.  My professors are really supportive, and really when it comes down to it, if I work diligently for the next week and a half or so I'll be set to finish the semester strongly.

I guess in that vein, I have more good news: I still really like my project, and when I can summon the energy to focus, it's really easy to write or design for my thesis.  And my other classes seem to be going smoothly.  Well, the key word is "seem."  I haven't seen grades for any of them, so technically, I have no idea how I'm doing in any of them.  It's a little frustrating that Ball State provides professors with the means to communicate with us about grades, assignments, and other course-related materials instantaneously via Blackboard, but few professors actually use the system to its full potential or even use it at all.  I've heard some complain that it's too complicated, but I've also been in classes where professors have really maximized the potential of the Blackboard website.  My guess is it's "complicated" because it's different, and if a professor actually sat down to learn the program he or she could do it.  I wish more would take that initiative.  Better yet, I wish it were required for professors to use Blackboard to communicate grades, share course documents, and submit assignments.  It would really simplify things, at least for students.

I think I'm getting a little complain-y, so I'll cut myself off here.  Honestly, I'll paint a bleak picture, but things aren't that bad.  Spring is coming, and there are many festivities in the making that will help the last few weeks go quickly.

17 March 2011

Ball State has Money for You

This is really neat.  I just read this article about Ball State's new scholarship opportunities that have resulted from the Bold Campaign.  Seriously, scholarships are the way to go if you can get them.  Especially for your undergraduate degree.  I have no idea what scholarship opportunities look like at other universities, but it seems that Ball State has many more opportunities than other nearby schools.  For example, all Honors College students get the Presidential Scholarship, which awards the student the equivalent of half of tuition for four years.  We also have these other in-house scholarship opportunities.  Not to mention the national and international scholarship opportunities that my office promotes.  Point being, Ball State is a good deal to begin with, but it's made even better because of the many opportunities to earn scholarship money.  Yay for the Bold Campaign!  And thanks to our many donors!  We appreciate you!

16 March 2011

Spring is in the Air

Today was lovely.  Or so I heard.  I was working on the computer for most of it.  But I had enjoyable bike rides to and from school.  I also noticed the flowers are beginning to peep through the soil all over campus.  Ball State is beautiful in the spring.  I can't wait to see everything in full bloom.   If predictions are accurate, I'll even be able to open my windows and enjoy the fresh air by the end of the week.  Won't that be charming?

Warm weather and sunshine definitely help take the sting off of still being in school.  Nearly everyone I know is ready to be finished.  It's been five years for most of my friends.  We're all looking for jobs or trying to get into grad school.  It would be nice if graduation were somehow staggered so that the job market isn't flooded every May.  I guess that's the nature of the beast though.  I'm feeling pretty good-- I have plans to visit some firms next week.  With the economy how it is, I'm not terribly confident that I'll find my dream job; nonetheless, I'm still focusing only on firms that could offer me my dream job or at least bring me a step closer to it.  I suppose if I'm still unemployed in October I'll broaden my search to include more variety.  We'll see though.

Anyway, I'm not really sure what this post was supposed to be about.  I guess I'm writing because I expect to be swamped the rest of the week.  The good news is that my classes are all coming together.  The bad news is I have significantly less time for the things I enjoy, especially climbing and biking.  Maybe if I tough it out and get ahead (dare I dream?) I'll be able to make some time for fun next week.

08 March 2011

School comes in Waves

Seriously, school comes in waves.  I just passed through the midterm wave, though the dregs of that will wrap up next week with a speech for COMM 210 and an engineering midterm about materials in the built environment.  Importantly though, I finished my thesis midterm presentation strongly.  As promised, I'm posting my presentation, though it makes a LOT more sense if you can hear me present it.  :)  Nonetheless, you'll be able to see some of my drawings and some of my research.