29 June 2011

First Day in Biloxi

Today was my first day in Biloxi.  To be honest, it got off to a horrible start.  I was incredibly nervous about meeting my new co-workers.  I woke up anxious and none of my clothes seemed to be appropriate for the daunting task of the day.  I made it to the studio though, and while I met the people I'll be working with (and learned there was nothing to be nervous about), my mom explored the coast and took these photos:

I stayed at the studio most of the day.  My new boss took me to some of the sites the studio is working on, and the RLA took me to a small community meeting for a historic preservation project.  Everyone else was super friendly and included me in all their activities-- we went to lunch together, chatted together, and I even attended the weekly staff meeting with everyone else.  An overwhelming day?  Yes.  But a successful one nonetheless.

My mom picked me up for a late afternoon apartment search.  We made it to two apartments before they closed, then we decided to get dinner.  We ended up at a nice restaurant a gentleman from the visitor's center recommended, and it was GREAT!  Our waitress was really nice and gave us great recommendations.  Plus, she took time to teach us how to eat crab claws.  How fun is that?  I ended up getting local shrimp over grilled flounder.  Delicious!

06 June 2011


I was just looking through my blog, and while 2009 generally kicked butt, 2010 wasn't my favorite on record.  2011 got off to a shaky start, and it could continue to be stressful, but I wonder what I'll say about it after it's gone?  There are definitely elements I'm hoping to forget, but some really incredible things happened, too.  Which will stand out more vividly to me?  Luckily, I'm not the kind of person who dwells on unpleasant memories, so I imagine I'll retain only the positive.  Heck, even though 2010 wasn't what I'd hoped for, I still have mostly good memories.  My brain even turned some less happy memories into happy ones.  And 2011 is just halfway through.  I still have six months to rock my world for this year.  Maybe I'll have a gathering of friends and loved ones to have a half-year celebration to wash off the ugly karma from New Year's and the ensuing months.  I'll set myself up with good karma and love all around me as I head off on my next adventure.  It's a tempting thought.  I do love gatherings.  Not to mention, my best friends and I missed our annual Lord of the Rings Fest last winter.  Maybe that's why I've felt a bit off?  I'll give it some thought beyond my musings here.

05 June 2011


Well, things are moving along.  I accepted the internship in Mississippi, and to be quite honest, I'm pretty excited.

I'll be working for the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio. It's a fairly good gig.  The studio is connected to Mississippi State University, and the internship includes a study component.  In addition to working at the studio, I'll be earning a Certificate in Public Design from MSU.  I'm not completely positive, but there could be a chance to apply some of the graduate credits I'll earn during this internship to my graduate degree I'll eventually earn in the next few years (depending on where I decide to do that).

So, I'm off to Biloxi, MS.  I've been looking online for a place to live, some climbing walls to frequent, and some parks to play in.  I'm very seriously considering getting a puppy, but that will depend on if I have roommates, if I can have a dog in my future residence, and if I'll have the flexibility in time to care for the puppy properly.  One of my goals is to become a "regular" somewhere.  We'll see how that goes.  I also want to find a nearby farmer's market where I can get good food-- I've heard the Gulf Coast has some delicious cuisines, and I hope to master as many as I can.

I think I'm going to like the Gulf.  It almost feels like I'm going back to my roots-- my family hailed from parts of Arkansas, and while I recognize that's a long way from Biloxi, it still seems that Mississippi and Arkansas have more in common than Arkansas and Indiana.

.... and two hours later I've started a family tree to try to find out where my great-grandmother grew up, gotten frustrated, and deleted said family tree.  Apparently I'm easily distracted today.

Anyway, I have this romantic ideal of the Southern US, one where good manors abound, food is flavorful, and people are friendly.  I imagine an easy-going, steady rhythm to life along the Gulf Coast.  It will be fun to see how wrong (or right?) I am.