12 September 2009

Wow!  I can’t believe I’m back in Muncie!  After spending the past nine months abroad at
two different academic institutions in Mexico and Egypt it seems strange to be taking classes at Ball State
again.  Everything seems so new, it’s almost like I’m experiencing campus as a freshman again.  Our student center has re-opened, and I can’t wait to make my way down there to see how it’s changed.  If nothing else,
I’m completely stoked we now have a Taco Bell on campus.  I just can’t get enough soft-shelled taco  supremes.  Yum!

In other exciting news, a lot has happened in the Honors College since I’ve been away.  There are new
Honors Dorms in DeHority , which has recently been  renovated, and let’s just say I picked the wrong year to move off campus.  The building is fabulous—flat screen TVs, plenty of lounge space, semi-private bathrooms, and even a working fireplace just start the list of novelties DeHority residents are enjoying in their new
home.  I spent an entire day in the second floor lounge last week, just enjoying the bustle of move-in day and listening to the frequent “oooos” and “aahhhhhhs” floating up from the main entry.  I met a very kind staff worker while I was there, and she told me I would be able to access the lounges any time I want; I think I’ve found my new hang-out place on campus!  

The Honors College also just moved to the new Honors House, which is especially nice since it was formally a Ball family residence.  Since National and International Scholarships new office is in the building, I have a
workspace there in the director’s office.  Granted, the new building doesn’t have furniture at the moment, but all the same, the new office is much nicer than our old one—we have windows!!!!  We lost some floor space—and especially book space—in the move, so I’m not really looking forward to unpacking all of the
boxes, but I expect it will work out.  I’ll just bring in a plant for the window and gaze at it when I’m buried
in scholarships resources and books.  Unpacking will likely take all semester.  Blech.

In the meantime, I’ve been catching up with old professors and looking for fun projects to work on this year.  The first few weeks of classes are always the most fun—people are smiling as they try to make new friends, campus activities abound, and everyone is trying to settle into their new schedules.  I have a ton of meetings this week covering everything from Honors Peer Mentoring, to study abroad (I’d like to go abroad again in the spring), to reconnecting with the clubs and organizations I’m involved in. 

So far though, it’s been a great week!  Campus is new and vibrant, I finally get to see my friends again, and my classes have great outlooks.  Not much more I could ask for really. 

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