14 May 2010

Everyone Graduated. And here am I.

Everyone Graduated.  And here am I.

That basically sums up how I've been feeling.  Nearly all of my friends are on to the next thing, whatever it happens to be.  For some of them, it's marriage and a job.  For some it's graduate school.  But most don't have a clue what's next.  I'm not there yet since I have another year, but watching my friends now is giving me a terrifying glimpse into what's ahead.  I don't want to get married or have a job.  I could be ok with graduate school, but I was hoping to get some "life experience" first, whatever that means.  I'm finally entering that part of my life that's completely unknown.  Until now, everything has more or less been planned for me.  School, more school, and university-- these are all things my parents chose for me to do.  I had little choice in the matter. 

And now here I am, on the brink of having a choice.  And I don't have a clue what's next.  Watching my friends graduate and move on both encourages me and saddens me.  I'm encouraged because I get an extra year to get my ducks in a row.  But I'm saddened because I know I won't see these people anymore.  They'll have families and responsibilities soon.  Not to mention it's not likely I'll magically figure my stuff out with my extra year.  I feel like I'll always be wandering at least a little.   So I guess overall I'm sad now that my friends have graduated.  I'm growing up; but being a kid is so much easier.  Can you blame me for wanting to resist?

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