17 February 2011

Struggling, but the Weather Keeps Me Positive

Well, for all the hard work TechTime and I put into saving my computer's life, it seems that the problem is the motherboard.  The tech people tell me a new motherboard is about the same cost as a whole new computer.  So. . .  yeah.  For all my optimism, ultimately my computer is dead.  I'll be spending lots of time in the Ball State library until May.  R.I.P. dear computer.

Likewise, my thesis is getting me down.  I can see it's coming together, but I've been asked to do it differently than I would typically do it.  I guess I'm learning a new way to approach a design problem, but in the meantime I'm feeling the stress.  I have a midterm presentation in a little over a week.  I'll post it on my blog when it's ready so you can see a bit of what an LA thesis looks like.  Hopefully it makes sense to more people than just me.

In better news, the weather has been lovely the past few days, and it's a welcomed change.  I've noticed that I emotionally respond to the weather more and more as I get older.  So for example, on a day when I'm feeling really stressed about my school work, I can take a walk and refocus with fresh air in my nose and birdsong in my ear.  Soon I'll be riding my bike to school again, which will be *amazing*.  Before I know it, I'll be playing frisbee near the Duck Pond without a care in the world because I'll have finished my projects and my degree!


  1. I feel like this might be helpful to both Jessi and others reading this blog. If you need a laptop but yours is broken or something, you can check out laptops from the Educational Resources desk in the basement of Bracken Library. I'm not 100% sure about the time limit (maybe for about 6 hours?), but those computers have been lifesavers when my laptop was on the fritz.

  2. just keep plucking away and you will get there