20 August 2011


Biloxi had a vet appointment today in Ocean Springs.  She's healthy and much loved by all who met her.  Since we were in the area, I decided to check out the Ocean Springs farmers' market-- many of my friends have been suggesting I go there.  Well, the trip was a HUGE success.

First, I finally found local, free-range meat!  There's a family farm about an hour inland that raises goats and sheep.  Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!  The family also sells bones for dogs, goats milk products, and soaps.  It's the best thing in the world to say I wash my hands with soap that comes from the same animals I eat, get dairy product from, and feed my dog with.  It's even better when I add that the animals lived within a short drive of my house.  I can barely contain my glee.

I also found a local creamery.  I now have access to milk, cheeses, cream, sour cream, and cattle-based soap products.  The milk isn't homogenized, so I can even use it to make cheeses of my own!  Or I could make my own butter!  It would be amazing if they sold ice cream, too, but the gentleman I spoke with said they don't have a way to transport it yet.   Key word: yet

So basically, I'm living it up down here on the Coast.  My food is tasty, guilt-free, and better for the planet.  Come visit me and I'll treat you to the best local flavors the Gulf has to offer.  :)

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