14 July 2012

Almost There.....

Ok, progress has been made.  I have a flight booked to get me back to Chicago.  I was originally thinking about taking the train, but  the costs of the two were comprable and it would take roughly ten times longer to reach Chi-town by train.  If I wasn't so eager to hit the road I'd have been stoked for the train ride, but I'd rather get to the bike ride sooner.

I've also ordered my panniers.  There's a problem though:  They probably won't arrive until Monday, which is the day I fly to Chicago.  SO *hopefully* they arrive before I have to leave my house to catch my flight.  If not, I guess I'll have to improvise.

Otherwise, I think I'm set.  I could still use some bike shorts, but they're so darned expensive I think I'll wait to get them later in life.  I'll just have to toughen up my bum.  If that fails, maybe I'll break down and buy some shorts on the road.

And of course, we each have our touring bikes:

Annie's Bike
Jessi's Bike

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