05 February 2013

My Birthday! A Quarter-Century Strong

I celebrated my quarter-century birthday on January 21st, and I'm officially closer to 50 than to 1. I remember I cried on my 20th birthday because I felt that I was losing my childhood.  I'm surprised I didn't cry on my 25th.  My childhood has long left me: I have the beginnings of wrinkles, I like to go to bed early, and I often ask for household goods around the holidays.  Another reason I didn't cry is because I had a remarkably good birthday, thanks in a large part to my thoughtful boyfriend.

I had to go to training on my birthday, so I brought everyone ice cream.  I enjoy being the center of attention on my birthday, so I reminded everyone to celebrate me.  They complied and sang me "Happy Birthday," and I think they did it willingly.  At any rate, they convinced me they were happy about my birthday, so I was content.

David came to the office to pick me up after work.  He wanted to meet the other trainees, but he also brought me a BIG present.  It was wrapped and beautiful, and David wanted me to open it right away.  It was a humidifier!  I'd been complaining at how dry the air in my house was and how I'd been brainstorming ways to add water to the air.  David remembered all this, so he picked out a really neat pink humidifier with an LED light.  It ends up being a beautiful night light in addition to making the air MUCH easier to breathe.  Thanks, David!

David and I then went to my house to drop off my present before heading to dinner.  David had learned about a Tunisian restaurant just north of town and wanted to take me there.  We rushed back to the train, got on, and about twenty minutes later we noticed that our phone reception was going in and out.  I'd been so happy about my birthday and presents and dinner I didn't pay attention to which train we got on.  Of course it was the wrong one, and we found ourselves on the opposite side of Tokyo!  I was so embarrassed-- after all, I got on the correct train at that station every single day!  That was the first time I had messed up the trains.  The mistake cost us an hour, which was problematic because David had to be home before curfew.  Even so, David was super kind and nice about it.  He kept saying, "It's your birthday, so I won't make fun of you."  Isn't he sweet?

We finally made it to the Tunisian restaurant, and it was everything I'd hoped for and more.  The food was amazing, the decor brought back tons of memories, and I got to use some Arabic with our waitress.  It was absolutely the best place to have my birthday dinner, and I highly recommend it.

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