11 October 2009

Feast. . . Boy did I ever!

This weekend has been spectacular!  But I'll get to that soon.  First, let me tell you about my week.  It was most definitely not spectacular.  It began with a project deadline.  Now, you may think that with three years of architecture school under my belt, I would be able to manage my time. . . well, you'd be wrong.  I thought my project would take less time that it did, so I started it a bit later than I should have.  Then, much to my dismay, as I was trying to compile my work the morning it was due, something went horribly wrong and I lost a ton of data.  I still have no idea what I did wrong.  I ended up turning it in a day late, which is something I'm definitely not used to doing, and something I prefer not to make a habit of.  The good news is I'm still alive and breathing, alhumdulillah

It was a good reminder that being an Honors Student doesn't necessarily mean you're a perfect student.  I think that sometimes us honors kids get a slightly inflated head about our academic vigor-- pft.  I've shot that one down!  It took a friend to remind me that nearly all of Ball State's most recognized alumni were average students.  So, no shame in turning something in a little late. 

After that, my week gradually improved.  I finally finished the new scholarships database I've been working a few weeks on (Huzzah!).  I'll finally be super efficient at adding new scholarships to the website.  "Yippee!" and other excited sounds!

Anyway, I was very excited for the weekend.  I watched a movie Friday night and generally took it easy.  Saturday was the ASLA's Apple Fest, which one of my housemates went to.  That left the house pretty much empty (I live with four other people, all of whom had something to do on Saturday).  I used the relative peace and tranquility to clean my room and do some homework. It may not sound like much, but it felt good to get some things accomplished.  I also put a delicious pork roast in the crock-pot for dinner.  It didn't take long for its heavenly aroma to fill the house. 

After my housemate returned home, we went to a Haunted Corn Maze in Farmland, IN.  It took us a while to find it, but the trip was well worth it!  The maze was exciting, people were screaming, and the weather had finally cleared up to be less rainy and cold.  Josh and I made our way through the maze, jumping at chainsaws behind us, searching for scary shadows, and suspiciously eying costumed people who would tacitly follow us, making us uneasy.  We eventually made it out of the maze-- alive, no less-- and made our way to the pumpkin patch. 

Josh and I each picked out our pumpkins (mine is bigger!); then at the last second, Josh decided to find one for his cat, Lord Watson Bartholomew.  After some time, we found an appropriately-sized pumpkin for the kitten.  I think he plans to carve it into a cat's face. We'll see.

THEN, to top off the weekend, we went to the Feast of the Hunter's Moon in West Lafayette, IN.  This is a reenactment-type of  festival that occurs every fall.  My parents used to take my younger sister and me nearly every year, but it had been a while since the last time we went.  I was SO EXCITED TO EAT the delicious food!  I ate "veggetables" (noodles with veggies and some spices), sauerkraut stew, pumpkin pie, homemade root beer, dried peas, gingerbread, and a buffalo burger.  Oh man, it was SO GOOD.  I also bought a new hat, and I'm super-stoked my friends here at school have said they like it-- the style dates back to the early 1700s.  I guess some things just don't go out of fashion.  Josh ended up buying some neat things as well, including a pewter mug, "fireglass," and flint.  He's excited to try to light fires without matches.  I'm excited to watch.  ;-)

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