03 October 2009

Oh, Gee, When did THAT get There?. . . Zombies, too?

Ball State has been full of surprises recently. For example, I was riding my bike the other day, and stumbled across this:


Suprise Fountain!


Perhaps not a big deal, BUT it is a brand-spanking-new waterfall on campus after all.  Seriously, was anyone going to tell me?

And it doesn't stop there-- oh, no!  As I was making my way to the College of Architecture and Planning, I spotted Intervarsity Christian Fellowship having a FLOUR WAR in the north quad (the green space between CAP and Bracken Library).  They had packed flour into pantyhose and tied it shut.  As it turns out, this makes a FABULOUS projectile that leaves lovely white spots all over your victims, as can be seen below.  

Yeah, throwing flour at each other is fun

Check out the soaring flour-bomb in the background!   

He's gonna get me!


So, yeah.  That was kind of a big deal. 

Now Humans Versus Zombies has erupted on campus yet again.   Ball State's Urban Gaming League (which I just learned about) has organized a campus-wide game of Humans Versus Zombies, or HvZ for short ;-).  Here is what the UGL has to say about HvZ:


Humans vs. Zombies is a game of
tag. All players begin as Humans, and a small number are randomly
chosen to be the "Original Zombies." The Original Zombies tag human
players and turn them into Zombies. A Zombie must tag and "feed" on a
human every 48 hours or he starves to death and is out of the game.


If you’re a Human, survive the zombie infestation! This may require you
to make friends and complete "missions" that will be e-mailed to you.
If you’re a Zombie, strengthen the Horde, tag humans, and eat brains!


But how does one tell the difference between a human and a zombie, you ask?  EASY!  Just look for the neon-green bandanas!



Bandanas signify which team you’re on.

    • All players wear BRIGHT NEON GREEN bandanas.
    • All NPCs wear BRIGHT NEON ORANGE bandanas.
    • All Moderators wear WHITE bandanas

  • Human:
    • Wear bandanas tied around their upper arms

    • Must wear their bandana whenever they are outside safe zones, for the duration of the game

    • May remove their bandanas when inside buildings, but must put them back
      on before leaving safe zones

  • Zombies:
    • Wear bandanas on their heads, headband-style

    • May decide not to wear their bandanas outside, but are out of play while the bandana is off

    • If a Zombie is outdoors without their bandana on, they must either:
      • Wait 30 minutes after putting it back on to play again, OR
      • Enter a building, put the bandana back on, and resume play.
      • Wearing or not wearing a bandana does not affect a Zombie's stun status.

Fantastically elaborate, no?  There's a lot more on the website.  Seriously, I love college.  The best part is, TONS of people participate in these things! 

(The game just started late last week, so give me a few days to get some photos or video of some Ball State Zombies in action!)


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