08 December 2009

While My Pot Pie is in the Oven. . .

It's Tuesday, my last Tuesday of the semester.  Al-humdullilah.  Seriously.  Tuesdays wear me out.  I have plants class bright and early (8:00 am), which goes until slightly before 11.  Then I work for and hour and a half.  Then I go to engineering, followed by Portuguese, which goes until 5:00 pm.  No breaks.  Then I get to take an hour or so to chill and eat dinner--sometimes the first meal of my day.  Luckily, I got delicious lunch today from Noyer (which boasts scrumptious wraps and a salad bar.  Yum!), so I'm not particularly famished at the moment.  All the same, I have a long night ahead of me: after my current break and delicious pot pie, I have three hours of Geography 121, which take me to about 9:00 pm before I can even begin tackling my vast amounts of homework, most of which is due tomorrow by 5:00pm. So, of course, I'm all set to pull another all-nighter.  Hopefully, with enough caffeine and personal motivation I will finish tomorrow with a beautiful studio project to show for it. (Ok, I'll be honest, it's mostly caffeine.  Maybe all caffeine.  And I'll be lucky if my project is beautiful.)

BUT! Hope is on the horizon!  This is my last Tuesday of the semester!  In exactly one week, I'm finished with fall semester of fourth year.  All I can say now is: Thank Goodness!

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