17 March 2010

Scheduling Classes. . . What a Headache

Well, I'm supposed to schedule my last fall semester of classes at Ball State this Monday, and so far it's giving me a headache.  I know a week from now everything will work out, but it's the in-between time that's tough for people who tend to plan ahead (like me).  Most departments haven't posted their course offerings yet, which means I still don't know which history course I'm going to take to finish my minor.  I would like to take History 434: American Life and Thought, but who knows if it will be offered this fall?  *sigh*

In related news, I've decided to drop my Spanish minor.  The only reason I would want it would be to have it as a representation of my Spanish skills, but I've come to realize that's not the only measure of one's language skills.  If I end up in a job where I'll be required to use Spanish, I expect they'll just conduct the interview in Spanish and see on my resum√© that I lived in Mexico for six months, so I don't really see a need to take the three more Spanish courses I'm missing for the minor. 

INSTEAD, I've decided to take some courses on the Adobe suite, including courses for Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Flash, which are all various types of media editing programs that I think would be useful to me in the future.  I already know the basics in Photoshop and Illustrator, but there is so much more the programs can do that I haven't learned about yet.  Ball State's Emerging Technologies department coordinates the courses, and I must say I wish I knew about the program a few years ago.  Having a better understanding of all these programs would have helped me in nearly all of my classes, especially when it comes to creating more professional-looking projects.  While Emerging Technologies has posted its fall schedule on its website, Ball State's course planner still doesn't recognize the courses, which is a little nerve-wracking since I would like to have all my courses laid out before Monday to make registration easier. 

Part of my headache, too, is just that Ball State is going through a website update, so much of the course planning and registration portals have moved.  In my ever humble opinion, now it's a lot more complicated than it needs to be.  I'm not a fan of needing to click through several webpages just to register for classes, but maybe that's just me.  Has anyone else been annoyed with course sign-ups? 

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