29 March 2010

Things Positive -- OR -- I Made a Mistake? Ah, Well, Let's Laugh About It :)

So you may have heard that I learned how to make video work in my blog.  This is true.  However, it's a lot of work, and I'm tired right now, so maybe I'll add video later.  :-P

I've decided to be positive in this blog post because, really, there's a lot in my life to be positive about.  For starters, I've signed up for my fall classes.  Yippee!  Also, I'm keeping up with my online courses, which actually shocks me a little.  Usually I procrastinate, but for the moment I'm keeping to the deadlines I've given myself for my online assignments.  Wild, I know.  At this rate I could be finished with some of my classes months before they end, and wouldn't that be nice?

Things are going well in my classes.  My professors are really understanding about the language-barrier thing, and I think they're doing a great job balancing being fair to the whole class and helping Tyler and me out when we don't understand something.  Something unexpected: we turned in our first project for our landscape class, and even though I was sure the professors would hate it (the design is completely different from all of my classmates' designs) it turns out they really like it and want to show it to their other classes.  I'm not sure exactly what that means, but I'm flattered nonetheless. 

Portuguese is getting easier; I actually have some Brazilian friends now who will speak to me more in Portuguese than English.  I still blush and deny my language skills when my friends introduce me to new people and tell them I speak Portuguese, but at least I'm getting better at carrying a conversation.  Actually, one of my new friends just invited me to her birthday party, something I'm very flattered by because she told me it's for her 24 closest friends (which when you remember that "close friends" in Brazil includes cousins, sisters-in-law, and other family members, you begin to realize that being in the top 24 isn't too bad).  Not too bad for just a month here.  It helps that Brazilians are very friendly.

Speaking of Portuguese, I'm still having troubles with select words.  For example, the words for "to live" and "to die" are annoyingly similar: "morar" and "morir," respectively.  I keep getting them confused when I'm talking, so I end up with sentences like, "Someday, I'd like to die in a rooftop apartment with a garden in a big city."  Not good, but very funny.  :-)  The looks people give me when I make this mistake say it all-- "Umm, I'm not sure if I should laugh or not, but. . . I'm not sure. . . Maybe it's because she's American?  OHHH!! She meant "to live!" 

Yeah, that's about how it goes.  :-)

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