20 April 2010

A Much Needed Long Weekend

Anyone who read my last post may have guessed that I really needed to get out of the city.  Well, I did!  :-)  And unlike my spring break experience, this time everything went really well. 

I spent last weekend in Florianopolis, or "Floripa" to locals.  It's on an island with 47 beaches.  Now, I've been craving to go to the beach since I arrived here, which was two months ago.  I can't even tell you how excited I was to be at the beach, enjoying nature, and in general just relaxing.  So, with no further ado, this is what my weekend looked like:

Boarded a bus Thursday night for an overnight drive to Floripa, arrived just as the sun was rising.  Went to hostel, changed clothes, went to the beach.  Slept on the beach, talked with friends, ate, climbed rocks, and enjoyed the view.  Went back to hostel, ate dinner with a bunch of backpackers, enjoyed meeting new people, went out to the bars, came home, slept.  Then I did it all again on Saturday and again on Sunday.  Then I boarded a bus Sunday night for my trip home. Fabulous.

And this time I remembered to charge my camera's battery!

Walking down the street to our hostel, Tucano House.  It boasts being the best hostel in Brazil.  It is.

View of the beach from some rocks we climbed. 

That's my "my mind is blown" face.

Guy surfing in front of the rocks we were on in the first two photos.

This is what most of my weekend looked like.

Group photo!  Represented are France, Mexico, and one finally-happy American.

"I'm on a boat"

My feet at the beach.  On my right ankle you can see the enormous bug bite I got this weekend.  It really hurt; one friend suggested it was from a bed bug in the hammock I had been chilling in.  Ick.  (Don't worry, Mom.  My doctor friends said not to worry about it.)

A surfer busting out some yoga before diving in.

A different beach we went too.  This one was even more beautiful.

I want one at my house. 

I'm so happy to be at the beach!


And finally, some "Engrish" for you to enjoy!

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