15 April 2010

Some weeks are more stressful than others. . . Guess what kind of week I had!

This was a big week.  I had projects due, models to build, and the REALLY BIG task of finding and moving to a new apartment.  Not to mention packing.  Oh, packing, what a hate-hate relationship we must share. . . .  I'm only halfway through my trip, and I'm already panicking about how I'm going to get all my stuff back to the States.  Packing to move across the city was such a pain-- I hate packing anyway, but it was far worse when I realized I am already maxing-out my luggage space.  I'll have to find a cool bag somewhere to have enough space to get my things home. Crud.

So while I was looking for a place to live last weekend and worrying about getting my projects finished, I received an email from Expedia that my flights have changed.  They said I won't be able to know the changes until I call; however, I didn't have a phone.  So I buy some Skype credit and make the call.  But of course I end up talking to a computer, and it's one of those voice-activated ones to boot.  And of course it can't understand me because it hears the ample traffic screeching just outside my window.  After about five minutes of trying to say "existing itinerary" in between va-rooms, I just hung up.  So add that to the stress list.  :-)

Now that the week is winding up, some things have improved.  For starters I'm officially in my new apartment.  I'll be sleeping on a mattress on the floor in the living room for the next week, but it's already a huge improvement in other ways.  For starters, the rent is a mere $150 (ish), compared to the lavish $550 (ish) of my former place.  But my personal favorite part?  There are absolutely, completely, positively NO BARS ON THE WINDOWS!!!!!  *Sigh*  Happiness.

Now, if all goes well I will hopefully be on a bus to Florianopolis later on tonight.  If successful, I will get to be on the beach soon.  That's a big if though; the bus leaves in a few hours, and I have no idea if I even have a ticket.  I suppose Stress will be my companion for at least a while longer. . . .

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