21 June 2010

Festa da Comida Internacional

As promised, here are all the fun details of my international food party!!!

As far as a party goes, it was pretty typical: friends came, ate, we had fun, and felt happy at the end of the night.  We had it on the roof, and even though it was raining, we stayed under the covered part and were pretty comfortable.  I think the photos really tell the story better than I can.  What the photos don't tell you is that partway trough the night I accidentally locked my keys in my apartment (oops!). I had a good time with a couple friends trying to break into the apartment.  It took us about an hour, but eventually my neighbor and my friend Bernardo were able to remove my doorknob with a screwdriver and turn the interior knob though the door to open the door.  Yay!  Things I learned that evening:

1. Always check to be sure you have your keys when leaving the apartment.  Especially if there are no spares.

2. When faced with a locked door, most young adults will first try anything they've seen work in movies before calling a locksmith. (True story, after we'd tried credit cards, plastic bottles, hairpins, and the like, my Spanish friend said, "Wait, you're American.  Just shoot your way through!"  It was hilarious.)

3. Brazilians want you to wear shoes.  Always.  

 Enjoy the photos!

Making Japanese soup.

Oh yeah, mad chopstick skills.


Gals from my landscape class showing off the pão de quiejo.

Japanese soup and negrinho!

Why does the Mexican have pancakes and the Japanese gal have apple pie?

I swear this is an exact quote from my Brazilian friend, "Oh, my God! American Pie!  Like the movie! Quick, take a picture!"

Guacomole with tortillas and apple pie, but not together.  :S

Nearly the full spread.

Spanish omelet. . . I had only a small piece and it was soooooooooooooo good.  I want more.  Now even.

Brazilian food: cheese-based quiche (left) and pão de queijo (right), which happens to be my favorite Brazilian food.

Close-up of pão de queijo.

Translated, this is called something like "little balls of rain." It was like elephant ear bites.  *Yum!*

Pancakes with cinnamon. (Writing this post is making me hungry.)

Spanish omelet before we devoured the whole thing.

Negrinho-- I'm not really sure what it is other than some form of chocolate covered with sprinkles.


Guacomole (Mexico)

Tortillas (Mexico)

Having a good time.  I was probably downstairs trying to break into my apartment.

Japanese soup.  Really, the Japanese have very good food.  

Maybe pão de quiejo?


My neighbor and her boyfriend.  These two people have been the best, most helpful people in Porto Alegre.  Everyone send them happy thoughts and wishes for good luck and prosperity in life.  No, really, stop reading and send positive thoughts their way.


I'm pretty sure she's scolding me for not wearing shoes.  Brazilians really like shoes.

Teehee.  Everyone's mouth is full.

Towards the end of the night-- notice how nearly all the food is gone.

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