29 June 2010


So I was trying to find some more information about Ball State's new Irving Gym, which should open this August.  Specifically, I wanted to learn about the rock wall.  I learned to climb while I was in Mexico, and it would be nice to start climbing again; however, I'm a horrible climber and very weak, so I'm wondering if there will be classes offered to low-level climbers like me.  Anyway, as I was looking for images and information, I found this.  Basically, there's going to be a whole section of the new recreation complex devoted to helping students enjoy the outdoors.  I can't imagine anything more fabulous.  There will even be organized trips and fun activities to take students biking, rafting, and climbing.  Wild.

Also, check this video out.  It's a "fly-through" of the new facility.  AHHH!!! I'm so excited!  (If I don't exercise a LOT this year, some one PLEASE call me out on it!)

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