06 July 2010

Pode Ser. . .

I recently finished the class I was having problems in.  As it happens, things turned out ok.  My partner and I passed, which is a huge relief after receiving a C+, C, and an E on our project.  We ended up with an A-.  No, I don't understand either.  And no, I'm not going to question it. 

I thought I'd post our finished project on here so you can see what a landscape architecture project looks like in Brazil.  To be honest, I'm neither proud nor pleased with the design, but it's what the professors wanted.  Soon I'll post my favela project. . . I'm pretty excited about that one.

Those walkways are 20' wide, basically roads.

At least I like these illustrations.

And even though I despised the class where I learned plant names, I really do like choosing plants for a landscape.  Even if I know they will die here.

Context.  It's mostly residential.

Topography map.  We learned architects here don't really know how to read topography.

Which is why we have to make topographic models.

We opted for digital.  It was easier and looked better.

Ah, and now for the details.

Well... I designed a bench.

And a rain garden.  To be honest, I think I did the detail wrong.

Because of the "not reading topography" thing, I had to go through and measure all the ramps to prove they followed regulations. 

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