03 November 2010

Congratulating Rhodes Scholarship Finalists by Day, Drag Show on the Weekend

Yep, that's right.  Ball State is the proud university of TWO Rhodes Scholar finalists.  One of them happens to be a friend of mine, and we're all SO PROUD of her!  Actually, we're proud of both of them--I work in the office that helps students find and apply for scholarships, so I can say firsthand that our two students are legit.  I've never read their files--because that would be a gross invasion of privacy--but everyone speaks very highly of them, and--geez!  They're flippin' Rhodes Finalists! So, congratulations and the very, VERY best of luck to both of you!!!

On to other news, Spectrum hosted a fund-raising drag show last weekend, so as a straight ally with an empty Saturday night, of course I went.  : )  I also convinced a few of my roommates to go, and we had a great time of it.  Here are some highlights:

Yeah, she's really singing.

And here are some drag kings representing.

This was just a fun performance.

I'm not sure if that's me singing along or not.  As you can see, they're REALLY working the crowd.  They were stellar.

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