06 November 2012

Leaving Mississippi (Part 2)

So I was devastated.  Two police reports in one absolutely victimizing weekend.  But it didn't stop there.

I'd been having some troubles getting my security deposit back from my landlords.  They were supposed to inspect the house the previous week, but of course they waited until I was supposed to have left Mississippi.  With so much happening, I decided to stay in Biloxi an extra two nights so that at least I could take care of ending my lease.

In my extra time in Biloxi, David and I had to have another conversation.  We swung in the hammock David had tied in his towering magnolia tree, discussing the weekend's impacts.  Without the money from my car, I didn't see how I could afford to move back to La Porte, let alone Japan.  That conversation was the beginning of the changing of our luck.

David and I have been dating only since the end of March or so.  Even though we like each other very much, we're both still unsure where this relationship might lead.  We're both hesitant to commit to anything, and we're both approaching this relationship cautiously.  There have been several times over the past few months that I'd convinced myself that David wouldn't care if I were in Japan or not.  As David and I rocked gently in our hammock trying to figure out what to do, every insecure thought I'd ever had about our relationship came flooding back to me.

But then David surprised me.

He told me he wanted me in Japan with him.  He wanted to figure out how to make that happen.

That's all I needed to hear: he and I were in this together.  We still don't know where our relationship might lead, but for now, we're a team.  And we're tackling our first challenge together.

We ran some numbers.  I figured that I could go back to school sooner and get into Japan on an education visa, possibly as soon as January.  I'd been planning on going back to school anyway.  I'd learn Japanese and network while I studied, hopefully finding a job sooner rather than later.  The timing was a little cramped, but after doing a little investigating, we felt pretty confident it could work.  David would help with my plane ticket if I needed it.  A call to my parents made sure I'd have enough quick cash to get back to Indiana.  It would be tight, but it would work.

And so I finally left Biloxi, Mississippi.  I loved my life on the coast, and I already miss some incredibly wonderful friends.  But in the end--- especially after that last weekend---

Good riddance.

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