07 November 2012

Turn that Frown Upside Down

So I came back to La Porte fairly discouraged, but still hopeful for the future.  As news of my last weekend in Biloxi spread, a truly wonderful thing happened:

Our friends, our wonderful and deeply cherished friends, rose to the occasion.  Friends showed their support on Facebook, offering words of kindness and taking the edge off of loosing so much.  Friends called to check in on me to make sure I was doing well.  And some friends even sent money to help with our move.  I've been overwhelmed by all of your loving support.  Thank you all so much.

Good things kept on happening.  After just a week in La Porte, I heard back from one of the companies I'd applied to.  I got a job offer in Tokyo!  Hooray!  It's official: I'm definitely, without a doubt, going to Japan.  And the news gets better:  I start my new job in mid-January, which means I'll arrive in Japan just two months after David (he's already there).  That is so much more than we had hoped for, and we're so thrilled that things seem to be working in our favor for the present.  So once again I'll be packing my bags and heading overseas.

With so much good, David and I decided to meet each other's family.  I flew out to New Mexico to meet his mom, and he flew up to Chicago to meet my parents (and some other important people).  So here we are, David in Tokyo and me on my way.  It seems we've tackled our first challenge together.

Friends, I'm feeling pretty good.

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  1. And it was just wonderful meeting him! You guys can always come stay with us in Indy (if you ever come back)!