04 February 2010

Best Advice to Freshmen

I had a scholarship interview today.  It went well I think; if nothing else I enjoyed gabbing with the Garden Club ladies who interviewed me. One of their questions has stuck out to me though: What is my best advice for incoming freshmen?

Looking back, I decided it was to explore everything you can.  I mean explore classes, activities, countries, cultures, friends. . . anything that sparks your interest. 

Best idea: come to college and don't declare a major-- even if you've known what you wanted to be since you were three.  Take a variety of courses in topics you've never studied before, and do it your first semester in college!  Be daring, take risks.  Give yourself the freedom to take ridiculous classes you'll love-- who cares if they won't count for your eventual major?  There's so much time to do what you have to do, but there never seems to be enough time to do what you want to do.  College is your chance, sometimes your only chance, to wander down any paths you can find. 

Freshman, I'm telling you now,  the best advice you'll receive about college is this:  give yourself the chance to explore your options.  You'll be surprised at how many paths are available to you.

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