18 February 2010

Things that Rock about College

For one, you can listen to your friend DJ-ing one of the school's radio stations.  That's right, I'm listening to my friend right now rocking out on the airwaves.  I'm so excited for her-- she's always had an interest in music, but recently she's really been pursuing it and that pursuit has lead her to hosting/co-hosting two radio programs.  Seriously, she's so inspiring.  Kids, this is why college is awesome. And *maybe* I'm a little biased, but so far she rocks.  She really knows her stuff.

On other news, I was cleaning up my hard drive and I found this video my mom sent me a few years ago.  It's pretty baller.  Hopefully I can get it to work. . . and it turns out I can't.  :(  Oh, well.  Just click on the link and download. . . it should be fine.   


Format: wvx
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