21 September 2010

Living Lightly Fair

Last weekend was a great example of why Muncie can be much more fun that you'd expect.  On Saturday I went to the Living Lightly Fair at Minnetrista, which is just a ten minute bike ride from campus.  My roommate and I got there in time for the weekly farmers market, where I bought some homemade tea (I drank the sage tea yesterday, and it was yummy).  Then we saw all the vendors.  I ended up buying a new scarf and a small bag to hold my phone.  All around a good time.  My biggest complaint was that there were far fewer food options this year after the farmers market ended.  On the plus side, the local boy scouts had a hog roast at the fair grounds across the street, so we just went over there and delighted in our hearty barbecue pork, baked beans, homemade applesauce, and baked potatoes.  They also had a rummage sale--nearly everything was $0.25!  I bought a new skirt AND a black dress that will serve nicely as this year's Halloween costume (I'm going goth!), for a whopping total of fifty cents! I could pick up that much money from the streets!  Naturally, I feel rather successful.

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