01 September 2010

Video: A Few Minutes in an Honors Science Class

I'm finally taking Honors 296: Inquiries in the Physical Sciences.  From what I gather, we'll be talking about the scientific discoveries from the past 400 years or so (since Newton basically), and figure out what it all means and how it relates to the collective "us."  That in itself sounds pretty baller to me, but after the first class I can barely contain my optimism about this subject.

This is a few minutes of my professor on the first day talking about why math and science generally disinterests students:

And then my battery died. (Those who know me won't be surprised.)

After that segment, my professor then proceeds to scrawl "2+2=4" on the board while passionately questioning, "Why are we ever taught to believe this in grade school?"  He then scribbles "50 lts oxygen + 50 lts hydrogen = 50 lts H2O" to make his point.  He then says, "One drop of water plus one drop of water makes one, bigger drop of water."

Yeah, I'm going to love this class.

PS- I *will* learn how to embed video this semester!

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