13 September 2010

My Professors Know Everyone, Everywhere

I'm *thrilled.* I'm applying for a Fulbright Grant to do a research project in Jordan after I graduate, but as a part of the application I need a "letter of affiliation" from an organization in Jordan that says they'll give me support.  I've been trying to make contact with people from universities and organizations for about a month, but to no avail.

But today, everything changed.  Have you heard of the Six Degrees of Separation?  Well, it's true.  As it turns out, the Chairperson for the Department of Urban Planning just returned from Jordan.  To make my life more perfect, he also has contacts at the University of Jordan, which is where I'd like to study.  So he's sending an email to his contacts today, and *hopefully* I'll hear back from them sometime this week.

Isn't that grand?!  :)


  1. This is great; I wish my contacts were that speedy. We are a week away... and I am still waiting!!!
    WOW... if we end up getting this, it means we both will attend the same orientation in DC!!!! That is wow. So wow.

  2. Ha, as it turns out they're not that speedy at all. I still haven't heard a word, though like you I recently started hearing from some folks in Israel. I think I'm still better off applying to Jordan, but it's tempting to switch when I might have an affiliation in Israel soon. I guess I'll just have to call some people in Jordan to get the ball rolling. :)