17 March 2011

Ball State has Money for You

This is really neat.  I just read this article about Ball State's new scholarship opportunities that have resulted from the Bold Campaign.  Seriously, scholarships are the way to go if you can get them.  Especially for your undergraduate degree.  I have no idea what scholarship opportunities look like at other universities, but it seems that Ball State has many more opportunities than other nearby schools.  For example, all Honors College students get the Presidential Scholarship, which awards the student the equivalent of half of tuition for four years.  We also have these other in-house scholarship opportunities.  Not to mention the national and international scholarship opportunities that my office promotes.  Point being, Ball State is a good deal to begin with, but it's made even better because of the many opportunities to earn scholarship money.  Yay for the Bold Campaign!  And thanks to our many donors!  We appreciate you!

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