13 May 2011

Now, Not Then

Now that I've moved my blog to Blogger and it's no longer connected to the Ball State website, I imagine few, if any, people will read my blog posts.  On the plus side, now that my blog isn't connected to the Ball State website, I can post about anything I want and worry less about promoting Ball State.  That's not to say I fabricated any positive feelings in my previous posts, but I tried to play down the negative stories in my life.  Maybe I'll continue to do that, and maybe I won't.  I have more freedom in the blogoshpere now, and I suppose with that comes more responsibility.

I imagine most of my posts in the near future will be about trip planning and making/saving money.  I might also talk about searching for a job-- possibly in Australia?  I'm thinking about moving abroad... permanently.  We'll see though.  I have a lot to work through before I'll be able to make those decisions.  At any rate, I am definitely working with my friend, "Nadia Lieben," to save the money for the trip of a lifetime.

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