16 May 2011

Ok, World, It's On.

Ok, it's time.  Finally.  I'm going to take on the world.  I'm officially saying "Screw you!" to everything that has ever made me suspect I can't have my dream job, or my dream life for that matter.  Let's take a quick inventory of what I have going for me right now:
  1. I'm young.  At ripe young age of 23, the world is my oyster.  I have plenty of potential to learn, grow, and mold myself into whatever I want.
  2. I'm fairly intelligent and resourceful.  If I can learn to speak a new language in 2 months on three different occasions, I can do anything.
  3. For all practical purposes, I have my first degree.  Sure, I don't have it in hand yet, but once they mail that SOB, I have proof that I can do something most other people can't.
  4. I have some really suburb friends.  No, really.  If all else fails, I can rely on them to stand by my side and encourage me.
  5. I'm not pregnant, married, divorced, or afflicted with any other form of permanent attachment.  I currently stand mostly alone, and I have the freedom to do and go where I please.  
Sure, I have plenty working against me, too.  For example, the economy sucks, I don't actually have a clear vision of what I want for myself, and I'm dirt poor to boot, but hey! who really cares at this point?  I have a place to live, a modest income, and plenty of gumption to throw myself at anything I find interesting.  I also have the luxury of changing my mind about anything.  That's right: today I might like the idea of becoming a fabulously wealthy  accountant, but I give myself permission to change my mind whenever I want. Actually, I already have.  Because I can. 

So once again, I recite "Screw you!" to anything that tries to discourage me or get in my way.  Screw you.

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