18 May 2011

Omg, Seriously Adobe?

I just learned that if I'd bought my Adobe CS5 a mere six weeks later I could have been eligible for a free upgrade to Adobe CS5.5.  I'm more than a little ticked.  I put a LOT of money into getting that program, and that was at the student discounted rate!  I might be further irritated about all this because I just made an impulsive move that goes against years of personal technology theory: I just bought a Mac.  I'm fairly confident that my current (and now outdated) version of Adobe Creative Suite won't work on the Mac.  Honestly, if I can't figure out a way to put my software on the Mac, I'll have to take the computer back.  Which kind of ticks me off.  I guess on the plus side, if I do end up taking the machine back because of compatibility issues, I can be even more justified in my Mac loathing.  You know?  I'll be able to tell smug Mac owners, "Hey, I gave it a chance, and it failed." 

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