05 June 2011


Well, things are moving along.  I accepted the internship in Mississippi, and to be quite honest, I'm pretty excited.

I'll be working for the Gulf Coast Community Design Studio. It's a fairly good gig.  The studio is connected to Mississippi State University, and the internship includes a study component.  In addition to working at the studio, I'll be earning a Certificate in Public Design from MSU.  I'm not completely positive, but there could be a chance to apply some of the graduate credits I'll earn during this internship to my graduate degree I'll eventually earn in the next few years (depending on where I decide to do that).

So, I'm off to Biloxi, MS.  I've been looking online for a place to live, some climbing walls to frequent, and some parks to play in.  I'm very seriously considering getting a puppy, but that will depend on if I have roommates, if I can have a dog in my future residence, and if I'll have the flexibility in time to care for the puppy properly.  One of my goals is to become a "regular" somewhere.  We'll see how that goes.  I also want to find a nearby farmer's market where I can get good food-- I've heard the Gulf Coast has some delicious cuisines, and I hope to master as many as I can.

I think I'm going to like the Gulf.  It almost feels like I'm going back to my roots-- my family hailed from parts of Arkansas, and while I recognize that's a long way from Biloxi, it still seems that Mississippi and Arkansas have more in common than Arkansas and Indiana.

.... and two hours later I've started a family tree to try to find out where my great-grandmother grew up, gotten frustrated, and deleted said family tree.  Apparently I'm easily distracted today.

Anyway, I have this romantic ideal of the Southern US, one where good manors abound, food is flavorful, and people are friendly.  I imagine an easy-going, steady rhythm to life along the Gulf Coast.  It will be fun to see how wrong (or right?) I am.

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