06 June 2011


I was just looking through my blog, and while 2009 generally kicked butt, 2010 wasn't my favorite on record.  2011 got off to a shaky start, and it could continue to be stressful, but I wonder what I'll say about it after it's gone?  There are definitely elements I'm hoping to forget, but some really incredible things happened, too.  Which will stand out more vividly to me?  Luckily, I'm not the kind of person who dwells on unpleasant memories, so I imagine I'll retain only the positive.  Heck, even though 2010 wasn't what I'd hoped for, I still have mostly good memories.  My brain even turned some less happy memories into happy ones.  And 2011 is just halfway through.  I still have six months to rock my world for this year.  Maybe I'll have a gathering of friends and loved ones to have a half-year celebration to wash off the ugly karma from New Year's and the ensuing months.  I'll set myself up with good karma and love all around me as I head off on my next adventure.  It's a tempting thought.  I do love gatherings.  Not to mention, my best friends and I missed our annual Lord of the Rings Fest last winter.  Maybe that's why I've felt a bit off?  I'll give it some thought beyond my musings here.

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