29 June 2011

First Day in Biloxi

Today was my first day in Biloxi.  To be honest, it got off to a horrible start.  I was incredibly nervous about meeting my new co-workers.  I woke up anxious and none of my clothes seemed to be appropriate for the daunting task of the day.  I made it to the studio though, and while I met the people I'll be working with (and learned there was nothing to be nervous about), my mom explored the coast and took these photos:

I stayed at the studio most of the day.  My new boss took me to some of the sites the studio is working on, and the RLA took me to a small community meeting for a historic preservation project.  Everyone else was super friendly and included me in all their activities-- we went to lunch together, chatted together, and I even attended the weekly staff meeting with everyone else.  An overwhelming day?  Yes.  But a successful one nonetheless.

My mom picked me up for a late afternoon apartment search.  We made it to two apartments before they closed, then we decided to get dinner.  We ended up at a nice restaurant a gentleman from the visitor's center recommended, and it was GREAT!  Our waitress was really nice and gave us great recommendations.  Plus, she took time to teach us how to eat crab claws.  How fun is that?  I ended up getting local shrimp over grilled flounder.  Delicious!

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